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Your Vision Comes First

Since 1997, we’ve proudly served Yorba Linda, Tustin, and beyond. At Vision Performance Optometric Center, our commitment is simple: our patients always come first. We’re here to create positive experiences, putting your vision needs at the heart of everything we do.

As an innovative practice, we provide quality, personalized eye care, including vision therapy, neuro-optometry, eye disease management, and dry eye treatment. But what truly sets us apart goes beyond our expertise and technology. It’s our genuine compassion that makes the difference. 

We understand that your vision is unique, and we take the time to listen and understand your individual needs. By combining customized solutions with sincere care, we’re here to offer support that truly makes a difference in your life.

When it comes to your vision, don’t settle for anything less. Trust in the experience, dedication, and genuine care of Vision Performance Optometric Center—because your vision truly matters to us.

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Comprehensive, Medically-Focused Care

Eye care is integral to health care. That’s why we’re passionate about promoting wellness and helping patients reach their fullest potential.

Since 2008, Dr. Sharieff has closely collaborated with healthcare professionals, providing eye health and neuro-optometric services through Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital and the local children’s hospital. She considers this opportunity a privilege.

Our Commitment to Raising Eye Care Standards

Dr. Sharieff serves as the California ambassador for the American Board of Optometry (ABO), as she strongly believes in promoting higher standards for all patients.

Optometrists certified by the ABO commit to upholding nationally recognized standards for education, knowledge, and skills in providing high-quality care. To achieve certification, optometrists must complete 33 hours of continuing education each year, knowledge assessments every 4 months, and pass an annual clinical exam.

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Referring Patients

Like you, caring for patients and their vision is our priority! Our talented team of eye doctors and eye care professionals have the training and technology to practice full-scope optometry. As a result, many doctors like you, including ophthalmologists, primary care providers, pediatricians and other optometrists, refer their medical cases to our practice.

To refer a patient, please fill out the form provided here. Doctors, please note there are multiple specialty fields to choose from when referring a patient. Please select the one that is most suited to your patient.

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Like you, caring for patients and their vision is our priority! Our talented team of eye doctors and eye care professionals have the training and technology to practice full-scope optometry. As a result, many doctors like you, including ophthalmologists, primary care providers, pediatricians and other optometrists, refer their medical cases to our practice.

To refer a patient, please fill out the form provided here. Doctors, please note there are multiple specialty fields to choose from when referring a patient. Please select the one that is most suited to your patient.

Meet Our Doctors


Kauser Sharieff, OD, FCOVD, FNORA


Joe, a seven year old boy from placentia was diagnosed with ADD and substantial learning disability. His motor skills were of age 4 and he had difficulty staying focused and had a severe learning disability. Joe went through our 37 session VT program and improved his reading ability by over 2 grades. He developed confidence and went on to be a better performer. As his school teacher puts it as ” Most improved class perforamce” that she has ever seen.

I am 33 years old, and was in a coma for week last year after falling asleep behind the wheel of my car. 6 months after the accident many of my physical injuries had healed, but I still had severe double vision, which I thought might be permanent.

Dr. Sharieff prescribed me a pair of prism glasses so I didn’t have to wear my eye patch anymore, and I began attending vision therapy sessions once a week. The therapy was actually kind of fun, and they even taught me how to do home exercises.

My vision has recovered so much that I don’t even need to wear my glasses anymore. Without double vision life is so much easier, and even started working again – thanks O.C. Vision Therapy Center !

Before I did vision therapy I had extremely painful headaches due to a concussion six months ago. For vision therapy, I was put on their bed that had a blinking light. I made a lot of progress since my first day of vision therapy and my headaches are better too.

– Fath

In 1st grade we noticed Maverick was having a lot of difficulty reading and his handwriting was becoming progressively worse. He had also been complaining that if he looked at something too long everything would get very blurry. I took him to get an eye exam and a functional vision screening through which we learned the vision in his right eye was about 20/20 and the left eye was about 20/40 and also showed he had intermittent amblyopia (lazy eye) amongst other things and it was recommended I start him in Vision Therapy (“VT”). Dr. Sharieff was recommended to me by a Pediatric Neurologist and I’m so glad she was. She and her staff have been so helpful. They have been working with Maverick now for almost 9 months and in that time we have seen drastic improvements in Maverick’s reading and writing. His school does a reading assessment at the start, middle & end of the school year. The start of 1st grade he was way below the benchmark he needed to be and by the end he had reached the benchmark he needed to be at which I attribute to help I received from the school, working with him at home & all the help from VT. VT has not only helped Maverick academically but also his coordination has improved which was noticed by his Tae Kwon Do Instructor. The improvements he’s shown have given his overall self-esteem a boost and where he used to resist reading he now enjoys it more. VT has really made a difference & for that I THANK Dr. Sharieff and your staff for all the hard work and dedication you provide us & your other patients.

– Nicole (Maverick’s Mom)

Noticed some improvement in AIDEN’S speech. He’s using more words to make complete sentences. He asks more opened-ended questions… Repeating more words. His behavior has also improved.

My son Aiden after the therapy started to talk in more complete sentences. He started to ask more questions. He would repeat what we would say repeat again later. He also would get mad but instead of lashing out, he would control his temper more.

– Aiden

Ryan has made such huge improvements with reading. He went from getting 2/10 or 4/10 on his AR (Accelerated Reading) to mostly 100% on his reading tests. His attitude toward reading has greatly improved as a result of his successes on these tests. He is learning to enjoy reading for pleasure.


Before I started their vision therapy I already could tell that my eyes were misaligned. Asking about it on one of my annual checkups is when I have found what I have is called strabismus. Little did I know before then that my left eye actually was being ignored on a daily basis and that I have been looking through primarily my right eye only.

Vision therapy has helped me train my left eye so it can work together with my right. The training so far not only has helped me see through both and improve merging but also has strengthened my left eye as well to see better overall as it is my weaker eye. There is still more to go to get them to merge fully however the difference from when I started is there.

Before it required a lot of effort to both keep my left eye active and merge both horizontally but now on the exercises, we do it’s almost effortless to merge them horizontally and keep my left eye active which is a great improvement to how it was pre-therapy. Employees are also very friendly and like to share what is going on.


Therapy is starting to really help my vision. It is clearly identifying my problem areas. Double vision is slowly disappearing, vision to my sides remains an issue, along with a slow processing time from my eyes to my brain. The therapy is exercising my eye muscles and my brain. I am more exhausted after my eye therapy than physical therapy, I hope my vision continues to recover so I can drive again.

– Anthony

It was worth taking the time and energy to come here I feel like. I wouldn’t have come this far in improving my vision without the help of Dr. Shariff and everyone else.

– Kevin

I had a car accident 17 months ago. I got hit by a semi-truck on the freeway from behind while my car was stopped late at night in a construction zone on the 405 two South@Springalale. I don’t remember anything and I was unconscious for an hour. It’s been a long recovery from traumatic brain injury laughing with my belly all bagged up. I thank god for covariance disability insurance to all of my helpful therapists like the people here at Dr. Sharieff’s office Vanessa, Anthony, Adnieure, and of course, Dr. Sharieff who makes it all possible.

I have worked with Vanessa once a week for 3 months now. She has really really helped me in many areas, especially in my brain functioning, response time, and visual-spatial skills. She always pays attention & monitors my progress, I know what the activities are for the day. I enjoy coming here for 55-45 min. I can shut off most of the world & just be present to exercise my brain eyes. I ​am very thankful for the wonderful work that the team does here at Vision Therapy. I highly recommend them here for anyone recovering from an injury, an accident, or just “working out” their brain’s eyes.


My son Tommy aged 9 had difficult time staying focused. He would easily get distracted and getting normal chores done was a challenge. I have seen very significant changes in him during and after the therapy. He is calmer and his work habits have changed dramatically. Where it used to take him as much as 3 hours to finish 45 minutes worth of homework, he now completes it in about an hour. He also seems much happier with himself and less frustrated.

The staff is kind, caring, and extremely dedicated. My husband and I are so glad we begin this treatment for our son. To see his progress and success is such a reward

On November 3 2008 my life changed dramatically, I had a stroke. I had 3 clots in my blood affecting my right side. My vision was also affected; it was blurry and my left peripheral vision in both eyes was gone. I was at Hoag Hospital for a week, and during this time my speech sounded horrible. I was slurring so badly that I sounded drunk, and I couldn’t even walk or write my name.

Then I went to Health South Tustin Rehab where I began specific rehabilitation. I attended speech, physical, and occupational therapy. In speech therapy I started out with basic tongue movements to better my speech. In physical therapy I learned to walk again, and in occupational therapy I worked on my right side. I remember using my right hand to place small pegs in a board that stood upright. I lived there for two weeks while my strength slowly recovered. I missed sleeping in my own bed, but I was so tired by the end of the day I was happy to have any bed.

After Health South I continued therapy on an outpatient bases through Hoag Hospital.

I felt tired much of the time, but I was slowly regaining my strength (and I was happy to be sleeping in my own bed). One of the first things to recover seemed to be my balance. I scored “normal” on their balance machine and was released from physical therapy after about a month and a half. I also worked a lot on fine motor skills in occupational therapy, such as picking up coins with my right hand.

My speech and writing needed a lot more work (I could barely write my name). My girlfriend Jodie encouraged me to write an article from a magazine everyday. I stuck with it and steadily saw improvement. In speech therapy I would both read articles out loud and talk on the phone to practice speaking clearly. One exercise I remember involved recalling details. I would listen to the therapist read a short paragraph, and then repeat back all the details I could remember. I was released from both speech and occupational therapy after about four months.

Although my speech and writing was improving, my vision was not. I then began attending vision therapy twice a week. At vision therapy I was introduced to Nova Vision, a computer program I could work on daily at home. The program prints out progress reports so I am able to track the improvement I have been making in my peripheral vision blind spots.

After four months I participated in the Sensory Learning program. The O.C. Vision Therapy Center is the only location in Orange County that has the equipment needed for the program. Before the 30-day program was over I immediately noticed some improvements. My speech became clearer, I could meet someone for the first time and they couldn’t even tell I had a stroke.

I also further enhanced my performance on the Vision Center is balance board. In this exercise you wear yoked prism glasses, walk on a balance board at a pace specified by metronome beeps, while reading the letters or numbers printed on a swinging ball. After accomplishing that it was hard to believe I couldn’t even walk less than a year ago. It has now been ten months since my stroke and I’m still improving. I’m driving again (part time) and continue to feel more confident. I’m making plans to start back to work soon as well.

I have been working with Vision Performance Optometric Center for about 3 months now. Dr. Sharieff, Malika, and all the rest of the staff i have interacted with have been very professional, knowlegdeable, skilled, caring and kind. My vissual issues have been improving according to their assesments, so i am hopeful that my related symptoms will improve soon as well. i would definitely recommend this practice to anyone struggling with vissual issues.

– Brooke

Reading has improved and in turn, so has her comprehension. She has begun scoring well on her reading comprehension tests. Still working on her reading at her age/grade level. She has gotten better at discerning her ” b/d” and “p/g” when reads and writes. Reading speed has increased.


Since Ian started his vision therapy we have seen improvement in cognitive skills both at home and at his adult day program. He seems to have a more avid interest in puzzles and computers (things that were previously more difficult due to visual tracking problems). His ability to understand what he visualizes seems to have improved remarkably. The vision therapy seems to have been of great benefit to Ian.

– Kathy

Vision Therapy has been working great for both of my sons. For my elder son, his eye power was rapidly increasing and that is when I consulted Dr. Shariff and started Vision Therapy. The Doctor constantly monitors the progress. And the results were amazing. His eye power growth rate dropped significantly.

All the therapists are well-trained, patient, and friendly. I’m really moved by Mike’s passion towards therapy and all his energy. My kids enjoy working with him and look forward to therapy sessions every week. My elder son recently started using Ortho-K lenses at night and is getting comfortable with them. Looking at all the fun my elder son is having, my younger son (4) joined the party as well. It is more like playing fun games for them here than formal therapy.


My son suffered a tragedy which left him vision impaired to the point of becoming legally blind. Through the amazing efforts of Dr. Sharieff and her therapy staff, my son is making steady improvements. Dr. Sharieff is a compassionate and well-versed professional. Her innovative and well-researched therapies reach many patients like my son. Lori, her office manager, is amazing and extremely helpful. We are forever in debt to Jessica and Lena as vision therapists.

– Ellen

We first came to Dr. Sheriff’s office to begin sensory learning for our son, who was 3 at the time with autism Before we started the therapy, he was so hyperactive I couldn’t lake him out without a kid leash, he had non-conversational speech, and his sensory sensitivities were so bad he couldn’t even stand to have food in his mouth.

After the third day, my husband asked our son, ‘Hit How are you?” Our son turned around and said, “Hi Daddy, I’m fine, how are you?” Both of us stood there in shock- it was the first time our son had ever responded to this question without just repeating the question we asked him After the 5th day, he started singing along to songs in the car, and we noticed a big improvement in his awareness. Even his speech and occupational therapists couldn’t believe how calm and in the moment he was becoming.

I definitely would recommend sensory learning for any parent with a child on the spectrum. I will be doing the therapy with my younger son when he is a little older.

I suffer from chronic migraines and have had over 30 doctor’s appointments, 17 medications, and 8 procedures. After two years I found vision therapy and in a couple of months, my symptoms have gone from chronic to the minor. It has helped me in not only my diagnosis but to excel in my school. I would rate my VT experience as an 1000/10!

– Lauren

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